What Americans must learn from Latin Music

Many Americans of this generation are more welcoming of music in languages other than English. About 49% of Americans claim to listen to music in different languages and of these, 52% mention Spanish as the most common.


Many people who listen to music in other languages understand the lyrics, while others claim they do not need to understand to enjoy a song. Many Americans have a positive perception of Latin media in the US.


This is why there is great need of quality radio programming in Spanish. American broadcasters should consider including Latin American-produced radio content in their stations.


In Latin America, the radio is a very important communication media, it has better coverage than the Internet, and artists build their careers thanks to their radio exposition.


The artists who are played on the radio fill concert halls all over Latin America. As opposed to the United States where market studies are a must to know what content will be successful, in Latin America this is an expense that cannot be afforded.


Radio programmers in Latin America have a special instinct when it comes to programming successful music in their stations, which is why their input is valuable for US markets.


For instance, it is very affordable to produce radio in Mexico, and their quality is great, for this reason, Americans should consider buying this content to offer it to their Latin audiences.


Mexican audiences like a wide variety of musical genres, they have all sorts of genre-based music stations, they specialize in pop music in Spanish, pop music in English, nostalgia sells a lot, therefore they have stations devoted to music from the past, among others.


Hispanic people are almost 20% of the American population, for this reason, American Broadcasters should acquire the rights to already produced programs of high quality.


Traditional radio broadcast are of great importance for Latin audiences in the United States, this communication media has great coverage with local communities and they have great need for good content.



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