The best tools for radio stations

Managing a radio station is not an easy task, but some tools make the job easier. MonitorLATINO is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to monitor thousands of radio stations in Latin America to provide valuable information to artists, managers, radio programmers, and station owners.


MonitorLATINO has different tools that allow you to visualize the behavior of the radio to make the best decisions, whether on the career of an artist or the operation of a station.


The tools you can find in MonitorLATINO are:



This tool analyzes the most popular songs in real-time and gives a list of detailed statistics.



This tool has several options, such as being able to see the market share of each record label.



This tool monitors the most popular songs on all digital platforms, such as YouTube, Shazam, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, this information is important to segment preferences with the metrics of these networks.


Weekly Hot Song:

It allows us to visualize the songs with the greatest number of plays and lets us compare the results from one week to another.



This tool allows you to analyze your station and obtain important data, such as verifying the quality of your programming, comparing yourself to other stations. Here we also find the “Perfect List” option that gives us the best-positioned songs in networks and allows us to see how they are programmed in your station.


Market Finder:

This tool allows you to select an artist and see in which cities their songs sound most, this data is very important to know where events can be organized with that artist and have good results.


MonitorLATINO is a very complete tool and is essential for professionals in the music business, do not hesitate to contact a commercial advisor to get more detailed information about the scope that this platform can have for you, the radio station owner, programmer, artist, manager.

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