Reports and stats that all radio owner must know

Latin audiences are becoming more important in the US. Radio station owners should be aware of how much Latin American audiences love traditional radio broadcasts to know what content can be more successful.


There are great statistic tools in the US such as BDS Nielsen, this company is a leader in measuring audience levels through different media, but when it comes to Latin American radio, more affordable tools such as MonitorLATINO are a better option.


The reason why MonitorLATINO is more effective is that professionals of the Latin American music business created it, and they know how their audiences react and what they like.


MonitorLATINO is a state of the art tool which uses artificial intelligence to monitor thousands of radio stations throughout Latin America in real-time to offer comprehensive statistics and metrics to help radio station owners to make strategic decisions regarding marketing and music programming.


Some of the tools available through MonitorLATINO are:


Content analysis:

This tool analyses your programming to see how it is performing individually and compared to other stations.


Station Analysis:

With this tool, it is possible to select your station and see if the music you have in your rotation is performing as it should, it provides suggestions as to which songs to play more, which ones you should play less, and which ones are correctly programmed.


Hot song:

It displays the songs with the most reproductions through stations and this allows seeing the market share of each label.


Perfect list: This is an interesting tool because it analyses your programming and tells you what needs to be improved and what is ok.


MonitorLATINO is also a great tool to launch the careers of new artists who are also displayed in, a website that has all relevant music business news from Latin America.


This is just a taste of all the things MonitorLATINO can offer you, radio station owner in a growing Hispanic market in the United States, contact us to give it a try, and start enjoying the benefits of this amazing platform.


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