How to subscribe your station to MonitorLATINO?

Do you have a radio station? Do you want it to be part of MonitorLATINO? These are the steps for your station to be part of the platform.


  1. The first requirement to register a station in the MonitorLATINO system is that it has at least six months of transmission in an FM market.


  1. Once the station is part of the system, it will take six months for the audience corresponding to that station to be quantified.


  1. When the industry makes requests to include stations on the platform, they will be assessed every three months and your audience should add value to the panel.


  1. When a station is to be launched, all our customers will be notified at least three weeks before.


Once your station is registered in MonitorLATINO and after six months of monitoring, the station’s genre will be defined and placed in the corresponding chart.


  1. The general chart includes all radio stations.


  1. In the pop chart, the stations of the genre pop and anglo are considered removing all the songs classified anglo.


  1. In the popular chart are the stations of the Mexican regional genre.


  1. In the Anglo chart are all the songs in English.


To define audience levels, local surveys are applied to people over 14 years of age who listen to the radio more than once a week.


The sample is stratified by age and gender and has a degree of statistical reliability of 90%.


If your radio station is part of MonitorLATINO, you can obtain accurate data to help you make the necessary decisions to succeed.


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