Digital Marketing vs. Radio Spots

The first TV ad aired in America in 1941 and after that, there has been a flood of ads in every media available to humankind.


Brands and corporations offering us various products or services constantly stimulate us.


To find an effective way to deliver a message in the middle of all that noise is a constant challenge for advertisers worldwide. Social media came to complicate the scene even more because stimuli grew more abundant and less curated.


In traditional media, some people decide whether something will be aired, a level of quality is expected, but this doesn’t happen in social media where some content is curated but the large majority is user-created.


All this provides a unique opportunity to radio stations to offer affordable ads of great quality and with an excellent return of investment. Did you know that 70% of the world’s population has access to a radio? While only 59% has it to the Internet.


Radio has better penetration in audiences and this is why advertisers should consider it in their yearly budget.


If your target is local audience, there is no better communication medium than the radio to advertise your products or services.


Some benefits of radio advertising are:


  1. Selective targeting. All radio stations already target specific demographics, you can choose the broadcaster that your target audience listens and reach them.


  1. Frequency is key. Your message should be constantly repeated to reach your audience and radio advertising makes this much easier.


  1. Retention. Auditive messages are easily stored in our memory, plus they work with the listener’s imagination so they can build their image of your product.


  1. Cost-Effective. Radio is cheaper than other types of media; it also needs fewer production resources to achieve the same effect like a TV spot.


  1. Time efficiency. A radio spot can be up and running in a couple of weeks and this allows to respond quickly to the needs of your audience.


For all these reasons radio spots are the best choice when it comes to advertising.



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